Hello there!

I'm Georgia. I never know where to start with these 'about me' sections so let's go from where my journey started. I first became interested in photography and all things creative 'properly' at the age of 14. I guess you can't count the years you spend making Christmas cards and paintings for your family at 5 years old can you? After getting my first SLR Camera at 15, I haven't stopped photographing since.

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I began my studies in secondary school and continued them into sixth form. I later moved to London where I studied at University of Westminster and left with a 2.1 BA (Hons) Contemporary Media Practice degree. Studying an interdisciplinary mixed media course, I had the opportunity to experiment with everything from film and marketing to photography and installation. Although going to university to concentrate on photography, I changed my focus throughout and for my final major project I ended up building two robots that where capable of feeling jealous of one another depending on how humans interacted with them - I know, cool right?

Anyway, I have since moved back to my hometown and settled down. I now work full time as a Digital Media & Communications Consultant. I get to work on a lot of cool projects such as creating 3D Virtual Tours for the likes of LFC & Tommy Hilfiger, photograph for clients all over the UK, create videos to capture amazing events and much more. Creativity never turns itself off and that's why I am a freelancer alongside my full time job. 

The past 3 years I have focused my photography around live music. This led to me photographing over 300 gigs, building a brand new gig photography community called 'Shout About It' and later organising a 2 day festival to showcase the work of gig photographers from around the world alongside 2 days of live music. It's pretty fun! Aside from gigs, I love to meet people and hear about their ideas. Whether they're a small independent clothing brand, a dancer looking for a portfolio shoot, a community centre looking for a new logo, a singer looking for a new website or a couple looking to capture their special day... I love to be a part of it! 

I get it, the above may sound confusing. Jack of all trades, master of none? Not true. I believe it's important for creatives to throw themselves into every aspect of the industry whether that's just for inspiration or to develop their practice. Whatever you're looking for, rest assured that I am honest about my skills and if I think another creator, photographer, videographer, designer is a better fit for you, I will show you their incredible work. Choosing someone to work with can be difficult, make sure you look around. Don't go for someone because of price or who they have photographed. Go with someone you think can really bring your ideas to life. 

So there you have it, a tiny insight into me. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss any ideas with absolutely no obligation. 

I'm just a girl in a hat, standing with a camera in her hand, waiting to work. See what I did there? ;)





Wirral, UK based, prepared to travel.


Social Media: georgiaflynncreative