Trying something new

Over a year ago now, I moved back from London where I studied at University for 3 years. When I first arrived in London as a young, optimistic and immature art student I was immediately engulfed into it's culture. The city was amazing and so different to every other place I've been before. It's a city that holds such beauty, history, hope, wonder and also millions of miserable people. You can't deny it, they're absolutely everywhere. That's not to say that everyone in London is miserable, i've seen my fair share of smiles in the big smoke. But catching yourself people watching can be a magical thing in itself. I've sat for hours watching people across London. In the train stations, on the tube, on the streets, by the river, in a cafe, everywhere. No matter where I go, I always try to find beauty in my surroundings. I am a serial people watcher, there's nothing I love more than sitting watching the world go by and making up stories in my head of what that person has done that day, what they're feeling and where they're going. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I like to try and challenge myself to always see things in a different way. I  often go back and visit London to see friends and lose myself in the City for a few days. This time, I set off with my camera in hand and a goal to take photographs that I wouldn't usually take. I walked along Southbank, along to the Tate, up to St Pauls, to Covent Garden, you get the picture - it was a long walk. Walking along I tried to see my surroundings in a different way, I would lift my camera up, and try something new each time. I found myself looking at things, but really looking at things. I found that I loved looking at the shapes of buildings, particularly as London has so many to offer. I found myself occasionally stopping myself from taking the shot I would always take and trying something new. Now, don't get me wrong, there are definitely some classic tourist shots in here. But still, I had a great time taking them.