2015 Favourites

New Year is a strange one. Many people hate the idea of setting resolutions and reflecting on the past year, questioning why we celebrate it. I am a massive believer in welcoming in a New Year. For 365 days, whenever you write the date it ends the same way, and for that to change for a whole year I think its pretty important. It's a great time to reflect on how you've spent your life the last year and your hopes and dreams for the year ahead. Set as many goals as you like, don't set any, do whatever makes you happy and for Pete-sake (is that actually even a word?) stop moaning about people telling you their resolutions.

Anyway, before I throw myself into 2016, here are some of the things I have loved from the past year;

Books. I have a strange relationship with books. I see them on the shelves looking all pretty and I get excited to read them, so I pick up a book or two and take them to the tills. I get really excited to read the books as i've anticipated the release of some books by my favourite authors for months. There seems to be a routine with me and books where I get them, put them on my book shelf and never get round to reading them. I want to read them but i'm stuck in the routine of scrolling down social media news feeds and thinking that's more interesting than the amazing books I have on my shelf. Anyway, these are a few books I actually bothered to read this year and I still have quite a selection on my shelf waiting for me to be less distracted by technology.

Girl Boss - Sophia Amoruso - An amazing read that is guaranteed to make women feel empowered to go out and take the world by storm.

Lean In: Women, Work and The Will to Lead - Sheryl Sandberg - I actually listened to this book on Audible. I've never listened to a book before. At first it was pretty strange sat listening to a book rather than reading it but it was great. I could listen whilst on walks, at home, driving to and from work, in the gym (that one time I went the gym). It was really empowering to hear Sandberg reading the book and telling her story of becoming Chief Operating Officer of Facebook. It made me one to work harder than ever before.

You Deserve A Drink - Mamrie Hart - Anyone who knows me knows that I spend way too much time watching YouTube videos. Mamrie Hart has been my favourite YouTuber for quite some time. She is hilarious and I was so excited when she released her book this year. I looked like a complete plonker reading this book as I sat on trains reading and cackling aloud forgetting the commuters around me. If you do anything in 2016, either watch her YouTube videos or read her book I promise you won't regret it. 

www.lennyletter.com - Ever since I watched the first episode of HBO's 'Girls' I have been obsessed with the work of Lena Dunham and Jennie Konner. So much so that I wrote my entire dissertation on the TV Series. Twice a week, Lenny Letter's are sent into my inbox. They're great articles and essays written by great women, sent straight into my emails that I can access at the click of a button. If you haven't guessed already, I am a feminist. I hate that when I tell people i'm a feminist they immediately want to start a huge debate and think I am a man hater, never shave, dress like a man and want to burn my bra's. I assure you that isn't the case. I have 5 brothers, I have nothing but respect for men.  I am also a 22 year old woman trying to grow up in a world that doesn't make sense. Why is there still a wage gap? Why are women not as respected as men? Why is the highest percentage of people in power in the world men? I say I'm a feminist, because I believe that both men and women should have equal social and political rights. That doesn't mean I think that men are after women, some men are a great at supporting women, others, not so much. Even the amount of women putting other women down in a world like this is just crazy. I'm saying no more. Lenny Letters are great articles written by great women.

Quick Highlights:

Jennifer Lawrence - She's still the queen of everything.

Amy Schumer - I don't care what you say. Her comedy is on point and Trainwreck was awesome.

OITNB - Season 3 was probably my least favourite out of all of them. Saying that, I am still in love with every single character and Jenji is a genius.

Master of None - Aziz Ansari - I tried to branch out and stop watching OITNB on repeat and it paid off. This Netflix series was really pretty decent.

Made With Code - The Google initiative to get girls coding more is amazing. It's great to see so many girls become more interested in code and so many people working hard to get girls and women involved in the coding generation.

James Bay - As well as sharing a love for hats. James Bay's 'Chaos and the calm' has been one of my most played on Spotify. No matter what mood I'm in it always works.

The Jackobins - I've been lucky enough to go and see The Jackobins live about 15 times this year. You may have seen lots of photos of The Jackobins appear on my website. There is such a great vibe about this band, their style and love of music really shows in every performance. From small crowds to festivals such as 'Party in The Pines' these Liverpool lads give it their all. Their final gig of 2015 at Liverpool O2 Academy had an electric atmosphere with a crowd going crazy for their new material including their new single 'One More Chance'. Watch out for The Jackobins because 2016 is definitely going to be their year. Check them out on www.thejackobins.co.uk or @TheJackobins

Victoria - If there's one song thats been in my head the entire year it's 'Into The Wild' and its not a bad thing, because its an absolute tune. I saw this band live when they were supporting Newton Faulkner on tour earlier this year and I can't wait for them to play Arts Club in Liverpool this February. I thought they were amazing when I listened to them on my computer, but seeing them live was a whole new experience. They are a bunch of great and genuine lads. They do have several new great singles, but first take a listen to 'Into The Wild'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQWBuHubv5Q Find them on Twitter @VictoriaBandUK

That's all for now! I am so excited to see what 2016 will bring and what I will be inspired by this year. Have you set any new years resolutions? What were your 2015 favourites? Let me know in the comments! Have a fabulous 2016.